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Welcome! I am Kirsty, founder of  Zest Yoga. I started Zest with the passion to create a class accessible for all genders, ability and age where everyone feels welcome. This is something I feel as though I have achieved, creating a class suitable for complete beginners as well as those with their own practice. Poses can be adapted and modified using props to suit any body.

Zest Yoga classes combines breath, mind and body and are mainly a Hatha/Vinyasa style with flowing transitions from one pose to the next, holding them for a little longer and using the breath to take you further. With regular classes in Dartmouth Devon, Stoke Fleming, and outside locations such as coronation park and the beach when it's warm enough there is something for everyone. So come and refresh your mind, body and soul by coming along to a class.

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Yoga Class in Dartmouth
Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga defined as 'the Yoga of force' is a more traditional type of Yoga. 'Ha' representing the suns energy and 'Tha' representing the moons energy means that the intention of this practice is to join/balance the solar and lunar energies in our minds and bodies. It is a gentle practice that involves holding poses for a little longer and concentrating on perfect alignment, making it the perfect practice for complete beginners.

Zest Yoga classes combines Hatha with Vinyasa to create a dynamic and flowing class suitable for all levels.

Book a Private Yoga Class in Dartmouth an surrounding areas
Private Classes

If you can't make a regular class, would prefer some one to one tuition or if there is a group of you that would like to give yoga a try, a private Yoga class is perfect for you. Can be booked as a one off or as a block booking and in a location that best suits you! Maybe in the comfort of your own home or at an outside location. 

Postnatal and pregnancy 

yoga classes are also available, get in touch to enquire and book a spot.

Yoga Class in Dartmouth

'Vinyasa' meaning 'to place in a special way' is a style of Yoga which coordinates movement with breath to flow from one pose to the next. Therefore, you are not just throwing your body around, but 

instead you are bringing consciousness in to each movement.

By using the breath to initiate movement along with flowing transitions in 

between poses you are helping to improve body awareness thus enhancing agility and mobility, helping to maintain a high metabolism, improving your posture and maintaining strong bones, muscles and joints. As they say, use it or lose it! 



Great early morning session for a yoga novice! Kirsty was calm and supportive and provided alternative stretches for the more complex poses. Would highly recommend Kirsty to all abilities.

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